Characteristics of Sagittarius

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Quirky and beautiful Sagittarius.

Sagittarius, the archer and centaur, is the great adventurer of the zodiac. Whereas Gemini possesses the mentally adventurous nature of an air sign, fiery Sagittarius explores the world in a physical sense. He is active and highly optimistic in his pursuits. As a great traveler, this gregarious zodiac sign will always find himself in the middle of new endeavors.

Characteristics of Sagittarius: The Archer and Centaur

Sagittarius is modeled after the mythical Greek centaur and archer, Chiron. This noble centaur was mythically recorded for his bravery and transcendence, qualities which now define Sagittarius as seekers of wisdom and truth. The fire element and mutable quadruplicity of Sagittarius tend to manifest themselves in the following key characteristics.


Regardless of the various aspects in a chart, the majority of Sagittarians are very kind-hearted and loving people. You will never find Sagittarius being mean-spirited or spiteful, unless there are some serious negative chart aspects. It's simply not in their nature. Sagittarius isn't arrogant or narcissistic; he's quite the opposite. This sign is always open and in full bloom to life and most experiences.


Creating a Sagittarius profile demands that open-mindedness be listed as one of his top traits. Sagittarius is one of the adventurers in the zodiac. He's a thinker and loves to learn new things. He'll try on just about any idea to see how it feels and toss it aside if he feels it's too restrictive and confining. Sagittarius craves freedom, especially when it comes to his ideology.


Sagittarius enjoys being social and needs interactions with others in order to feel balanced. He can easily be a lone wolf on occasion, but he's a people person and knows how to make friends that will last a lifetime. Everyone enjoys being around the centaur because he exhibits a genuine interest in others.

Quick Wit and Thirst for Knowledge

The Sagittarius mind is a sponge, and his inner quest for truth and knowledge is a lifelong journey. He'll never be satisfied with what he learns or knows. He'll always reach for more and gain a greater understanding as he ages. The modern Sagittarius profile is one of a walking, talking encyclopedia. He reads everything he can get his hands on. More importantly, he retains what he reads. His mental acuity is always sharply honed and aids him in all endeavors.

Challenges: Tact and Romance

Archers tend to be incredibly honest. While this straightforwardness can be refreshing when couched in careful words, Sagittarians are not renowned for being diplomatic. In fact, this sign can be downright blunt, much to the chagrin of anyone on the receiving end.

Being social animals, Sagittarians quickly make new friends and easily fall into romantic relationships. However, Sags can be a bit too idealistic, and they tend to look for greener pastures as soon as trouble looms on the horizon. It's in the romantic arena where Archers morph into feckless Centaurs, enjoying the good times while they roll, but trotting off when things get too serious. Sags love their freedom, so travel plays a big role in their make up.

Archers have the best chance at love with:

  • Fire signs: Aries, Leo and other Sagittarians
  • Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Ruling Planet Jupiter

As ruling planet, Jupiter has a strong effect on the characteristics of Sagittarius. This planet's energy concentrates on expansion in all things. This drives Sagittarius' burning desire to learn and seek the truth in all matters, especially philosophical ones. Jupiter also fuels the Archer's love of luxury and extravagance, and this can sometimes lead this buoyant sign to party too much and overspend. But never fear, Sags use all that stored up wisdom to quickly recover their assets.

Jupiter endows Sags with a penchant for being lucky. It's this innate good fortune that carries this sign through the lean times as well as good.

Fire Element

Fire signs are well known for being energetic and idealistic, and Sagittarius is no exception. Archers are natural born leaders who love to take charge of projects and fill leadership positions. However, as bright as Sags may shine as initiators, they do tend to become bored before their goals are accomplished. You might say they burn out quickly, so seeing things through to a conclusion can be a challenge, and especially so when new ventures beckon.

Mutable Quadruplicity

Being a mutable sign, Archers are creatures who not only welcome change, they yearn for it and thrive on it. This contributes to their easy come, easy go attitudes. Archers are not about sweating the details!

Careers for Sagittarius

This sign's high intelligence, killer sense of humor and love of education translates into a wide range of career opportunities.

Archers might choose to work:

  • In the travel industry
  • As traveling sales representatives
  • As teachers
  • As photographers
  • As comedians/entertainers
  • As writers

Archers are also risk takers, so you might find them working:

  • As stock brokers
  • Test pilots

Their philosophical bent sometimes leads them to become:

  • Clergy
  • College professors
  • Motivational speakers

In fact, due to their mutable nature, Sags may enjoy multiple careers throughout their lives.

Color and Gemstone

Sagittarius' true gemstone is turquoise, although topaz and blue zircon are also associated with this sign. The Archer's best color is purple. Oddly enough, purple is the color of royalty, and, as legend has it, Jupiter was the king of the Roman gods. Quite fitting for a sign so fond of luxury!

Famous Sagittarians

If you happen to be a Sag yourself, you're in some rather good company.

Famous Archers include:

  • Ben Stiller
  • Brad Pitt
  • Britney Spears
  • Bette Midler
  • Stephen Spielberg
  • Tina Turner
  • Keith Richards

How Sagittarius Manifests

Sagittarius is not just a sun sign. This zodiac sign can manifest itself in any of the personal or general planets within a natal chart. His placement in houses and specific planets can either highlight the fire energy or cause numerous conflicts with other elements. To find out if Sagittarius is a significant archetype within your chart, it is best to contact an astrologer with a professional history of chart interpretation.

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Characteristics of Sagittarius