Celtic Astrological Signs

The ancient Ogham stone.
The ancient Ogham stone.

Celtic astrological signs were derived from Druidism, a religion that believes trees provide a sacred place for spirits to reside.

Irish Astrology and Modern Celtic Astrology

The existence of an ancient Celtic astrological system evokes a heated debate among scholars. Some claim there was none, while others turn to references made in ancient Irish texts. Others cite ancient Greek text acknowledging the Celts' accomplishments in astronomy as proof that an ancient astrological system once existed. It's documented that the astrology practiced by the Irish between the twelfth and seventeenth centuries was a form of Arabic astrology.

Celtic astrology, as known today, was created by the poet Robert Graves in his book The White Goddess (published in 1946). According to Graves, the Celtic lunar calendar comprised of thirteen months was the basis of Irish astrology. Graves's book gave birth to a new astrology commonly accepted by the general population as the ancient Celtic astrology. Scholars claim that his tree zodiac is a misrepresentation of the ancient Celts' belief systems. You must decide for yourself if Graves' astrology has value.

Lunar Power

In Celtic (Druid) symbolism, the moon represents the subconscious mind and hidden matters while the sun represents the conscious mind. The moon is the repository of the subconscious mind where true knowledge of past lives resides. Using the lunar calendar, Celtic astrology unlocks your past life memories and other hidden mysteries.

Lunar Months Signs

Each lunar calendar month, thirteen in all, is assigned a tree symbol. The trees' energies are said to be revealed through the Tree Alphabet.

Tree Alphabet

The Ogham (commonly pronounced Oh-m) glyphs are the only written form left by the Druids. Graves created an alphabet by assigning a different tree for each of the twenty letters (a series of markings).

Unlocking Celtic Symbolism

Greenman: Druids were at one with nature.

To unlock the mysteries of Celtic astrology, it's important for you to understand the two premises of Druid spirituality of reincarnation and cellular memory. By unlocking past life knowledge, you can then build upon knowledge you've accumulated from many lifetimes.

Tree Spirits

Druidism respects nature and your place within the world. Like other tribal cultures, the Celts lived in harmony with nature. They believed in energy and that all living matter had energy. This belief stretched beyond the physical world into the supernatural world. Druidism espoused the ideology of creating balance between opposites. This oneness is symbolized by the joining of male and female energies.

The Celtic Astrological Signs

According to scholar, Peter B. Ellis, the Celtic calendar was similar to the Vedic one. Another aspect of Celtic astrology is the animal symbols used to depict the conscious mind. When the animal symbols are used in conjunction with the tree signs, a bridge is formed between the conscious and subsconscious mind. In Western Astrology, the animal zodiac would be called the rising sign.

Below are two charts. The first depicts the Celtic tree, alphabet, dates and meanings. The second gives the Celtic animals for each sign:

Celtic Astrology Signs Dates
Tree Sign Tree Alphabet Dates Meaning
Birch Tree Beth Dec. 24 - Jan. 20 Achiever
Rowan Tree Luis Jan. 21 - Feb. 17 Thinker
Ash Tree Nion Feb. 18 - Mar. 17 Enchanter
Alder Tree Fearn Mar. 18 - Apr. 14 Trailblazer
Willow Tree Saille Apr. 15 - May 12 Observer
Hawthorn Tree Uath May 13 - June 9 Illusionist
Oak Tree Duir June 10 - July 7 Stabilizer
Holly Tree Tinne July 8 - Aug. 4 Ruler
Hazel Tree Coll Aug. 5 - Sept. 1 Knower
Vine Muin Sept. 2 - Sept. 29 Equalizer
Ivy Gort Sept. 30 - Oct. 27 Survivor
Reed Ngetal Oct. 28 - Nov. 24 Inquisitor
Elder Tree Ruis Nov. 5 - Dec. 23 Seeker
Animal Symbols and Dates
Sign Date
Stag (Deer) Dec. 24-Jan. 20
Cat Jan. 21 - Feb. 17
Snake Feb. 18 - Mar. 17
Fox Mar. 18 - Apr. 14
Cow Apr. 15 - May 12
Seahorse May 13 - June 9
Wren June 10 - July 7
Horse July 8 - Aug. 4
Salmon Aug. 5 - Sept. 1
Swan Sept. 2 - Sept. 29
Butterfly Sept. 30 - Oct. 27
Wolf Oct. 28 - Nov. 24
Falcon Nov. 5 - Dec. 23

Celtic Signs and Meanings

The meaning of each sign is specific according to the energies it attracts and bestows to you.

Tree Signs

Rowan tree represents the thinker of the zodiac.
  • Birch: Achiever - Motivates you to achieve and become a leader
  • Rowan: Thinker - Sharp-thinker, visionary, original, creative
  • Ash: Enchanter - Free thinker, imaginative, psychic, artistic, loner
  • Alder: Trailblazer - Born pathfinder, explorer, risk-taker, doesn't suffer fools
  • Willow: Observer - Patient, intelligent, information collector, modest
  • Hawthorn: Illusionist - Passionate, well-spring of creativity, sense of humor
  • Oak: Stabilizer - Protective, nurturing, needs to feel in control, family-oriented
  • Holly: Ruler - Noble, high ideals, academic, confident, leader
  • Hazel: Knower - Organized, attention to detail, scientific
  • Vine: Equalizer - Unpredictable, empathizer, charmer, artistic
  • Ivy: Survivor - Giver by nature, spiritual, charismatic
  • Reed: Inquisitor - Investigative, victim of gossip and mystery, seeks truth
  • Elder: Seeker - Freedom-lover, thinker, bluntly honest

Using Celtic Astrology

If you choose to use Celtic astrological signs as oracles for your subconscious mind and to discover past lives, you may find it interesting and fun.

Celtic Astrological Signs