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The Chinese zodiac signs are based on the Chinese New Year calculated using the lunar calendar. Chinese New Year charts reveal more than the astrological animal zodiac signs. The Chinese zodiac chart features… Keep reading »

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Chinese zodiac wheel

According to legend, Buddha honored 12 animals by giving them each their own year, making up the basis of the Chinese zodiac. Whether you want to know more about Chinese astrology in general or you're interested in your own specific sign, find the information you're looking for from LoveToKnow Horoscopes.

Chinese Astrology Basics

Like Western astrology, Chinese astrology is filled with facts, myths and legends. Find out more about the practice by learning about things like:

Zodiac Specifics

In addition to the basic facts about the Chinese zodiac, you'll also find information about specific traits and zodiac animals, such as:

  • Zodiac Year Information: Learn about the specific years that come up in the zodiac calendar, such as the Earth Rat or the Tiger.
  • Compatibility: Discover the factors that may determine your romantic compatibility, as well as family compatibility amongst the various signs.
  • The I Ching: If you're serious about delving into the world of Chinese astrology, consider using the I Ching to find the answers you seek.

Learn Your Sign

Eastern astrology can be a great addition to Western astrological practices. You're sure to learn more about yourself and those around you by delving into Chinese astrology.

Chinese Astrology