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Along with the continued rise of Evolutionary Astrology, a new acceptance of past lives seems to be developing, even among academics. Researchers at Emory University recently found a form of memory could be passed… Keep reading »

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Are you curious about astrology? You're definitely not alone.

About Astrology and Humankind

Through the millennia, people have peered at the stars and other luminaries in the sky and wondered what their presence meant the people on Earth. Were these heavenly bodies simply random objects, or did they have some sort of bearing on their daily lives?

In time, people learned to see the patterns in the cosmos and realized that their makeup was far from random. In fact, the alignment of the stars and planets were extremely ordered and followed regular paths that were directly linked to the Earth's seasons. So there was a connection between the heavens and Earth, but just how far did it reach into their daily lives?

Eventually, these early astrologers came to realize that distinct energies were associated with the planets, and these energies tended to influence events on Earth below. As they unraveled the constellations that directly crossed the horizon, they assigned them names, laying the ground work for what would later be referred to as astrological signs. These constellations also seemed to influence the personalities of people who were born at the time a particular sign entered the horizon during its orbit over Earth.

Applying Astrology to Your Life

So, what does all this cosmic interplay boil down to? By interpreting the energies in play at a given time, you can understand how they might influence the events in your life, and this is the entire basis of the art of astrology. You can choose to use this information to your own advantage and chart our own course, or you can simply ignore it and allow your life to carry you along. The choice is yours.

If you ready to delve deeper into the details about astrology then read on. The articles in this category will help you learn more about the individual zodiac signs, birth charts, your horoscope and more. Think of it as a journey of self-discovery.

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