Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility

Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility

Taking stock of Capricorn zodiac compatibility is a matter of figuring out how each member of the zodiac is likely to interact with the goat. Some pairings have a strong chance for lasting romance, while others are more of a challenge to sustain.

A Cap to Cap pairing can be a fulfilling if somewhat less than dynamic union. The relationship provides a lot of stability and common ground, but left to their own devices, these two will quietly slip into a comfortable rut unless one of them makes a concerted effort to add some spice to the relationship.

Paired with Taurus

Taurus is perhaps best able to slice through Capricorn's reserve to the passionate soul inside. These two signs are like-minded about most things including home, family and finances.

Taurus' natural loyalty is a balm for Cap's sometimes jealous nature. These two signs generate excellent, long-term compatibility.

Paired with Virgo

Cap and Virgo definitely enjoy a meeting of the minds. Both signs prefer spending time with a close circle of friends over hitting the party circuit. They take pride in their home, and they share a love of stability and practicality.

Bedroom fireworks could be difficult to set off in this pairing, but they'll do just fine once they get started.

Paired with Scorpio

A Capricorn and Scorpio pairing generates solid compatibility along with the occasional epic battle. Cap will feel secure in Scorpio's possessive embrace, and both signs are goal-oriented.

This match won't be as smooth as one between Cap and Taurus, but there will be far more fireworks and passion than found in a Cap and Virgo pairing.

Paired with Pisces

This pairing brings together the provider and the dreamer. Pisces will keep Cap from becoming too stodgy, and Cap will keep Pisces from drifting too long in dream land. In the bedroom, Pisces is happy to follow Capricorn's lead.

This is definitely a case where opposites not only attract, they complete each other.

Paired with Libra

This pairing blossoms initially as Cap finds Libra utterly captivating. However, cracks tend to form in this union because Cap finds it difficult to relate to Libra's capricious nature.

Jealousy usually takes a toll on the relationship.

Paired with Sagittarius

Cap appreciates Sagittarius' buoyant nature, and Sag appreciates Cap's dependability. However, Sagittarius simply can't provide the kind of emotional security that Cap needs from a life partner.

This relationship tends to burn brightly for a short time and then sputters out. These two signs are more compatible as friends than lovers.

Paired with Aquarius

This pairing is a better recipe for friendship than long-term romance. Aquarius simply values freedom and taking an unconventional approach too life to much to suit Capricorn's need for stability and routine.

Paired with Gemini

Capricorn rarely has patience for Gemini's vivacious yet somewhat erratic approach to life. This pairing may generate a quick flirtation, but long-term romance is rarely in the cards unless other elements in each partner's chart support compatibility.

Paired with Cancer

Capricorn is basically too remote for sensitive Cancer. Cancer has deep emotional needs that must be met, but Capricorn has little patience for emotional seesaws.

In the long run, Cap finds it difficult to keep Cancer feeling warm and fuzzy, and generally grows weary of trying.

Paired with Leo

This is a mismatched pairing from the onset. Leo loves the limelight and having an adoring circle of worshipers.

On the other hand, Capricorn would like to be worshipped from the security of home. Leo eventually feels like a relationship with Capricorn is simply too limiting.

These two signs are often better off admiring each other from afar.

Paired with Aries

The goat and the ram are destined to butt heads. Both signs can be stubborn and jealous, and Aries' leap-before-you-look way of barreling through life is completely incompatible with Capricorn's measured and carefully planned out life path.

Fireworks; yes. True union; unlikely.

Dating a Capricorn

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Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility