Capricorn Sign Traits

Tenth Sign in Zodiac

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is known as the sea-goat. The symbol you see here is representative of the goat head with horns and a fish body.

Saturn is the ruling planet for Capricorn. If you were born between December 22 and January 19, this is your astrological sign.

The Goat

The Capricorn Sign is an earth sign and represented by the goat.

Capricorns will scale the steepest and tallest mountains to get to their goal. There is a single-mindedness of purpose whenever Capricorns set their sights on something. Nothing can deter the goat and if you get in the way, be prepared to be butted out of the way.

Those horns aren't there just for photo opportunities!

Family Is Important

Capricorn is the ultimate homemaker and provider for a safe and happy home.

Family includes more than Cap's own children; it includes every living relative regardless how many times removed. Capricorns extend this family devotion to their spouse's family.

Capricorn adores family celebrations and has been known to create reasons to invite the family over for a meal or dessert.

Children Are the Future

Capricorn understands that all children are precious and hold the future of humanity in their tiny hands.

That's why Capricorns take their duties as a parent very seriously. They know that they're molding the minds of future leaders, doctors, humanitarians, teachers and other paths that lead to service to others.

The child of a Capricorn parent will never doubt parental love because everything Capricorn does demonstrates the depth of caring.

Capricorn's Favorite Place

There's no place on earth that Capricorn would rather be than right at home with spouse and children.

This sign knows how to create a nurturing and restive environment for a family. The home is a safe haven from all the worries and cares of the outside world. It's a neat and orderly home, but easy to live in. Capricorn is particular about what comes into the home, so those children's pockets will be emptied to make sure no frogs are later found in the bathtub.

Cooking for the family is a favorite Capricorn activity that usually ends up with the entire family participating.

A Great Business Mind

This is a versatile sign that not only excels in the most important area of life, family and relationships, but also in business.

Whether Capricorn ventures off into self-employment or is content to work with a larger organization, one thing you can be certain of is that Capricorn will be successful. Ambition and the desire to excel stretch beyond home life and equip the goat with plenty of know-how and drive.

Once Capricorns set sight on a career path, they will continue the climb until the ultimate goal is achieved. Steady progress is always present whenever a Capricorn is traveling up the corporate rungs.

Organizational Skills

Part of the reason for Capricorn's many successes is the ability to organize not just a kitchen cabinet, but everything else.

This sign has a fine mind that thrives on sorting details with remarkable speed. An organizational chart is just as easy to decipher and assign as a household budget, retirement fund and investment plan.

Capricorn Sign Has Social Skills

One thing Capricorn knows how to do is dress the part.

Whether it's weeding a garden, canning home-grown vegetables or joining the CEO for a business luncheon, Capricorn knows how to dress and, more importantly, practices etiquette. Social skills are just another skill set this sign has mastered.

Finding Direction

Capricorns are rarely lost, but there is a tendency to become moody when the beloved security they clings to is threatened.

If life throws Capricorn off course, it won't take the sea-goat long to find a new direction because this sign knows there are always many choices and options available. It all depends on which oppportunity offers the greatest return for effort.

The Capricorn sign will always come out on top of any situation because the goat weighs the pros and cons of each venue before making a decision.

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Capricorn Sign Traits