Blue Dragon in Chinese Astrology

Learn about the blue dragon.
Learn about the blue dragon.

What exactly is the blue dragon in Chinese Astrology? Learn about this very special dragon's role as one of the mystical guardians of the four directions.

Dragons in General

Free Spirited

Of all the signs found in Chinese astrology, the Dragon is a larger than life character. Incredibly free spirited, Dragons have a hard time playing by the rules because they simply don't believe they were created for them. The feisty dragon would rather set his own course, but this doesn't necessarily make him an outlaw. In fact, people born under this sign are well known for a drive and ambition that often takes them to the top of their chosen careers.

Extroverts by nature, you can compare Chinese dragons with the western zodiac signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, although true dragons refuse to compare themselves with anyone!


Dragons are known for their sparks, and nowhere is this more evident than in their creativity. Give a dragon a problem to solve and you're sure to receive an innovative solution. This creativity also extends itself to the arts. Dragons love to be the center of attention, so taking the stage or having their art admired in a gallery showing really puts them in their element.


Lest you think that dragons might be vain and unruly creatures, it's time to talk about one of their finest points; their generous natures. Dragons can't stand to see someone in need go without, and they love to come to their rescue; hence their portrayal as guardians. They believe in sharing their own good fortune with their friends and loved ones.


On th flip side of the coin, dragons find it very difficult to accept a helping hand from anyone else, even on the rare occasions when they may need one. This sign is fiercely independent, and while quite a social animal, he does cherish the opportunity to crawl into his cave and tend to himself on his own. Dragons love people, they are just determined to believe they don't need them.

About the Blue Dragon in Chinese Astrology

One of the Mystical Guardians

So, now that you have an understanding of the dragon's basic nature, it's time to talk about the blue dragon as it relates to Chinese astrology. This dragon is actually correctly referred to as the Azure Dragon, and it is one of the mystical creatures that represents the four symbols (aka four regions) found within the Chinese constellations. It's interesting to note that the Chinese system actually groups their constellations a little differently than western astrologers because the two systems developed independently from each other.

The other three mystical animals that appear in eastern astrology are:

  • The White Tiger, guardian of the west
  • The Black Tortoise, guardian of the north
  • The Vermillion Bird, guardian of the south

There is also fifth mystical animal mentioned in some Asian cultures, but not in others. The Yellow Dragon is considered guardian of the center.

Azure Dragon Associations

The Azure Dragon is traditionally associated with:

  • The element of wood
  • The direction east
  • The planet Jupiter
  • The spring season

The Azure Dragon is also believed to be the special guardian of the city of Kyoto in Japan, and there is a temple dedicated to him there.

Seven Mansions

Unlike western astrology that bases its theories predominantly on the movements of the sun, Chinese astrological theories rely heavily on the moon. The moon's movements are divided into what are known as the 28 mansions. The blue dragon in Chinese astrology, aka Azure Dragon, is associated with seven of these mansions.

In order, they are:

  • Jiao, which translates as horn
  • Kang, which translates as neck
  • Di, which translates as root
  • Fang, which translates as room
  • Xin, which translates as heart
  • Wei, which translates as tail
  • Ji, which translates as winnowing basket
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Blue Dragon in Chinese Astrology