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Birthdate Numerology Compatibility

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Birthdate numerology compatibility requires using a simple mathematical formula. To start, you will need yours and your partner's complete birth date. Then, you add it down and compare the compatibility.

How to Calculate Birthdate Numerology Compatibility

While you can often get an accurate reading by using just the day of your birth, it's always best to use your complete birth date. You'll need to use a simple formula to add down your birth date and your partner's birth date. Be sure you use only the numeric value of your birth date.


Month + Date + Year = Life Path Number

Birth date Example: June 5, 1972

This birth date will be added down:

6 + 5 + 1972 = 11+1972= 1983 = 1+ 9 + 8 + 3 = 21 = 2+1 = 3

A numerologist will write this number for you as 21/3. Traditional numerologists will always use the two sets of numbers when discussing your report.

You'll do the same thing for your lover's birth date.

Comparing Numbers for Compatibility

It's important to realize that a birth date comparison for compatibility will only reveal if the life path and life lessons that both of you are supposed to learn this lifetime match. For a better understanding of your true compatibility, you'll need to calculate your other four major numbers. Once you have all of these calculated, you'll then be able to compare and see how well the two of you match up.

Five Major Numbers

  • Life Path: Your birth date
  • Soul Number: Vowels of your birth name
  • Outer Personality: Consonants of your birth name
  • Path of Destiny: Your full birth name
  • Power Number: Add your full birth name to your birth date

Brief Explanation of Number Meanings

Now that you've ascertained both you and your lover's birth date single digit number, you're ready to compare the two and see how well you match up.

Number One

Number ones are leaders with strong ambition and powerful energy. If you're a number one, then you are very independent. One is the number of beginnings, so you are often starting over or beginning new projects. You like to gather information but only if it can serve you. Others look up to you and expect you to help them or even lend a guiding hand. You have an inventive and creative energy that guides you.

Number Two

You're intuitive and like working in partnerships. You're very diplomatic and like harmonious situations and relationships. You're strongly drawn to art and music. You're affectionate and are comfortable displaying emotions to those you love.

Number Three

You're drawn to careers in art, writing or acting. You enjoy nurturing plants and watching things grow and bloom. You like to put things together and see what happens. The interaction of life and the role you play hold intrigue and interest for you.

Number Four

Number fours are the builders in life. You see how things work and always want to make everything work better. You appreciate family and understand the importance of generations and leaving something valuable for those coming behind you. There's a tendency to become a workaholic. Keep your values in the forefront of your mind so you don't miss out on important events in your family.

Number Five

As a number five, your middle name should be change. You thrive on the newness and excitement that change brings. You're a natural promoter and have a keen sense of marketing skills. You have such a quick mind that you're sometimes impatient with others who aren't as mentally agile. You're artistic and love to create new things and situations.

Number Six

You're a natural mediator and dislike arguments. Your challenge in life is to create balance. You have a tendency to sacrifice yourself for others. This is an admirable quality until it becomes too self-effacing. Don't suffer needlessly for those who don't appreciate you. Remember, its balance that you seek in life.

Number Seven

You're very confident and certain that you have all of the answers that took you some time to figure out. Once you set your mind on something you can be very stubborn and won't budge in your opinion. Your lesson in life is to learn to be more flexible. If you match up with someone who is easier going, you might be able to learn this lesson.

Number Eight

You have the Midas Touch of all numbers. You're business acumen is outstanding and you have great analytical abilities. You make a lot of money and don't mind spending it on the luxuries in life. Sex, money and power are your challenges in life because it's very easy to lose yourself in any or all of these elements.

Number Nine

You're an idealist. You believe that people are born to give something back to the world so that you leave it in a better condition than you found it. Your challenge is to find that niche that will propel you into service to others where you can find a rewarding life.

Matching Up Your Numbers

Now that you know your number and your lover's number, you can use the number meanings to discover how compatible your life lessons are to each other.

For example, if you're a number three and your lover is a number five, you'll share a mutual interest in art and number five will promote number three. You could fulfill your life lesson challenges together by assisting each other to face and master the challenges your individual numbers present.

Exploring Beyond Birthdates

You may wish to explore the remaining four personal numbers for you and your lover to see if you have the same kind of birthdate numerology compatibility.

Birthdate Numerology Compatibility