Attracting a Leo Step by Step

Attracting a Leo: Be Optimistic

If you are wondering how to go about attracting a Leo, no one would blame you. Leos are some of the most fun and dignified members of the zodiac, so it makes sense that they are so sought after.

If you want to throw your hat in the ring and captivate the Lion's heart, just keep in mind that you may have plenty of competition.

However, exhibiting the following traits is sure to give you a leg up on all those admirers. Get started by showing off your optimistic nature. Looking on the brighter side of life is sure to help Leo notice you.

Listen Up

Leos really do love being in the center of attention, so help them to feel good by listening to them.

This will make them feel wanted and desirable.

Enjoy the Good Life

Enjoying and taking pleasure in the finer things in life is another surefire way to snag Leo's attention.

If Leo sees you having fun, the odds are good that he or she will want to join you.

Fun with Leo

Feel free to show off your fun and spontaneous side with Leo as well.

Even if Leos tend to gripe a bit at first, they have a difficult time not smiling when they see someone having fun.

Displays of Affection

Leos crave affection, so you'll also want to show them plenty of it.

If you are naturally romantic, don't be afraid to let it show with a Leo.

Get Active

Outdoor activities that mimic "play" are a big hit with Leos because they enjoy sports and games.

If you have a dog, invite your Leo interest to come along on an outing together. Chances are, he or she will enjoy the trip.

Spiffy Dresser: Women

If you are a woman, consider dressing in something bright; Leos love vibrant, sunny colors.

Additionally, makeup and accessories should also be up-to-date and fashionable.

Spiffy Dresser: Men

If you are a man hoping to attract a Leo, a coordinated, tailored suit will look very attractive, as well as a well-groomed appearance.

Show Some Love

Lastly, show love and affection, particularly to children, when with Leo. Leo rules the astrological fifth house of children, so many have quite a fondness for tykes.

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Attracting a Leo Step by Step