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Athena Starwoman was an astrology magnate and a beautiful, glamorous woman, who had an air of mystery that made her appear almost magical to her fans and followers. She carefully crafted her mystical media image, maintained a huge media presence, wrote columns for magazines, authored many books, built a small empire, and lived the opulent life of the rich and famous, yet few knew her given name or anything about her personal life.

The Creation of Athena Starwoman

The woman who was to become the wealthiest and most glamorous astrologer on the planet was born Helen Roussiyan nee Brown on July 10, 1945, in Melbourne, Australia. Her grandmother was a mystic and astrologer, and she also had a sister and two nieces who are astrologers.

Her career in astrology began after she completed an astrology course in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Her long-time friend, Deborah Gray, says she chose the name, Athena, feeling it would be a better fit for her work as an astrologer and later added the last name Starwoman after training with a Native American Shaman who kept calling her star woman.

Upon returning to Australia, Athena caught the eye of a journalist who then wrote a story on her, and subsequently, she wrote for the Sydney Telegraph until 1988 when she left Australia for New York City.

In a 1996 interview with CNN, Athena Starwoman said: "I guess I decided to cultivate my gifts when I realized I could make money out of them. I'm probably the first one in my family to be financially independent by being an astrologer."

Although she was often snubbed by the astrological community because of her image, Athena turned her charismatic personality and unforgettable hippy-dippy pseudonym into a powerful money making marketing brand.

Her Philosophy

Athena was a great believer in the "power of positive thinking," "what you think you become," and "you create your own destiny." She believed in the divine and she also believed that by developing the power of your mind and tapping into your psychic powers you could turn your life in a happier and more powerful direction.

With her beauty, wealth, and spiritual awareness, Athena Starwoman became an inspiration to thousands of people around the world, who embraced her philosophy of life and celebrated in her writings.

Her Books

In addition to her columns, which appeared in Vogue, Woman's Day, and numerous other publications, Athena authored many books. Among them:

Athena Starwoman and longtime friend Deborah Gray wrote two books together.

  • How To Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad is a fun book with some ancient spells, some practical and some not-so-practical, for all occasions.
  • Glamazon was written for women of the 21st Century; it gives insight and guidance on how to achieve success.

Starwoman's Starman

Married once before in her surfer days (see third video below) to a man called "Beautiful Bob," in 1994 Athena Starwoman married American inspirational speaker, human behavioral specialist and spiritual guru Dr. John Demartini. Starwoman had met and married her Starman, and together they led a jet-set gypsy existence, dividing their time together between a luxury apartment at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and a $3,000,000. Apartment on the cruise liner The World, which was purchased after selling their apartment in New York's Trump Tower, shortly following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In this interview (at 5:45 min.) Athena's husband John Demartini talks about meeting Athena Starwoman and their life together:

Athena Starwoman's Passing

Athena Starwoman died of breast cancer on December 16, 2004; she was 59 years old. Her death shocked and saddened family, friends, clients, and her faithful readers. Most knew nothing about her illness. Even when she only had a few months to live, she wanted her illness kept secret.

Opting for "Non" Treatment

In the book Perspectives on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Athena's longtime friend, Deborah Gray, writes in chapter 16, Mind over Medicine: "At one stage she (Athena Starwoman) thought of herself as a failure, for succumbing to illness when her life's work was about positive energy and well-being." Gray goes on to write that Athena believed in the Law of Attraction and a body-mind-health connection.

In the touching interview below, Athena's husband, John Demartini shares his thoughts about her philosophy of life and her choice of "non" treatment.

In a written statement following his wife's death John Demartini said, "With her unique style, sharp wit, and indomitable spirit, Athena will be fondly remembered by her family, friends, and fans as a true, shining star."

Love Never Dies

In talking about some of his last conversations with Athena, Demartini says that love never dies and he can still feel her presence.

Posthumous Award

Although often unrecognized by the astrological community, Athena inspired many people over the years with her positive and uplifting view of life, astrology and the universe. In 2005, the Australian Psychics Association (APA) honored Athena Starwoman with one of three "Psychic of the Year Awards" in recognition of over thirty years working with astrology. This, of course, was a posthumous award.

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Athena Starwoman Horoscopes Background