Cosmic Love Interview With Jan Spiller

Cosmic Love by Jan Spillar
Cosmic Love by Jan Spiller

Are astrology love matches possible? You bet they are, and when you have a better understanding of how all the elements in your birth chart work to affect your life, you can unlock the secrets for developing lasting, loving relationships.

If you're at all interested in astrology, and if you've found your way to this site you probably are, you're likely familiar with famous astrologer Jan Spiller. Jan has written four books for Bantam Dell and Simon & Schuster that, to date, have been translated into over 14 languages. She also has an immensely popular website, Astrology with Jan Spiller, where you can request personal readings and have your natal chart drawn.

Jan's latest book, Cosmic Love offers advice on how to overcome obstacles to find true happiness in our relationships. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

Finding Astrology Love Matches

Jan, please share your background in astrology with our visitors.

I was always attracted to studying astrology on my own, and in my early 20s, I took classes to learn the basics. I seemed to have a 'chip' in my brain for it, and I absorbed the knowledge of astrology very quickly and easily.

Research began in my process of doing private readings and in less than a year of readings, I became a full-time astrologer due to being able to support myself through astrology alone. I saw early on that the path of astrology would be a never ending source of growth, knowledge and expansion for me. I also saw that it was a tool I could share with others that would enrich and enliven their lives.

Tell us what your new book Cosmic Love is all about.

Cosmic Love is about what we can do on a "how to" individual level to experience more love in our relationships. Everyone is unique, and relationship keys are shown in the sign of your North Node (the table for finding your North Node is in the front of the book- it's as easy as looking up your Sun sign).

By knowing the sign of your North Node, you can see what behavior patterns block love from coming to you in relationships. Then there are tools for what you can do to begin successfully opening up, allowing the vitality and contentment of love to be experienced in your daily life.

Do you believe that everyone has a soul mate, and if so, how do we go about finding him or her?

I believe that each of us has many soul mates- people with whom we feel an immediate connection and familiarity. The idea is to welcome them when they cross our paths and be open to the exchange that is destined to take place. Every soul is in our lives to teach us more about love.

Finding a romantic, lifetime soul mate is a matter of intention and timing. If you decide that it's time to be with a life mate, be open to attracting such a one and be willing to grow from the relationships life brings before you. Each relationship, as it unfolds, will show itself to be one you can spend a lifetime with - or - one who is the "next step" to your learning what you need to know to be ready for what your heart ultimately longs for.

Is a soul mate always part of a romantic equation, or can our soul mates turn out to be just good friends or maybe even relatives?

Soul mates - people with whom we feel a deep connection - can come in the form of a lover, a family member, child, or even a coworker or close friend.The bond with a parent or child can be as intense as that with a mate. The intensity and familiarity of the connection determines the soul mate status; someone with whom we have bonded in a past life and with whom we reconnect in this lifetime. Sometimes it is so precious, in another life we gave them a piece of our hearts for safekeeping, and they gave us a piece of their hearts to hold. Now we meet in this lifetime to give the gift back again, so both we and they can feel more complete within ourselves in the exchange.

A person with whom we feel instant animosity can also be a past life soul mate; the passion of hatred can be as much of a bond as that of sexual love. Whoever is in our lives in an intense way, is a "soul mate" from a past life with whom, through the conscious exchange of love, we can dissolve any unhappy bondage. Cosmic Love talks about how to do that with the specific individuals who most affect us in our lives.

There's a lot of talk about compatibility between the signs. How crucial is it to have a romantic relationship with one of our generally accepted compatible signs, and is it possible to find astrology love matches with people who are not of a naturally compatible sign?

From the point of view of astrology, there are ten planets in the chart, the Sun sign is only one of them. So, if one person's Sun is in Cancer and another in Aries ("incompatible" in traditional astrology)-still, the first person's Moon may be in Aries or the second person's Moon in Cancer. The Sun/Moon conjunction is the number one factor in long-term marriage compatibility. Astrology goes a lot deeper than just Sun signs.

That being said, even so-called "incompatible" Suns can find compatibility if there is a willingness to understand each others' differing temperaments and accept each others' uniqueness, rather than trying to change each other.

It's expecting that the other person will change that gets in our way. Deeply understanding another, through astrology, can lead to acceptance. If it's an elective relationship, then we can decide whether it's in our best interests to spend a lot of time with them.

Intention also enters into the picture, having similar goals and expectations about what being in a relationship is all about. At the end of the day, if two people are basically nice to each other over a long period of time, love emerges.

Regardless of their sign, when you understand a person deeply enough, you can support them in growing into the best part of themselves. Giving people these specific keys is what motivated me to write Cosmic Love.

Understandably, many of us carry scars from old relationships. How can we use the lessons of astrology to help us move forward and be open to new love?

By realizing that love itself is not the cause of pain, but rather it was our approach to the relationship that resulted in pain. It may have been a lack of awareness of ourselves; it may have been a lack of awareness of the other person.

Astrology provides a huge key of objective awareness of ourselves and of others. When we can see, through astrology, what we do in relationships that does or doesn't work; we can approach relationships from a platform within ourselves that guarantees success. It's a matter of allowing ourselves to rise above the behaviors that didn't work in the past.

Pain and scars were only caused by not understanding what works in relationships. And there's no shame involved. How does a baby learn to walk? By falling. Eventually, because the baby knows it's possible, they figure out how to "get it right". There's no need to give up; only a need to wake up to approaches that will work for us in our relationships. We can't change another, but we have the full power to change ourselves!

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Cosmic Love Interview With Jan Spiller