Cancer Man Traits and Personality

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It's hard being an emotionally sensitive and caring Cancer man when you're raised in such a way that you're not supposed to experience pain or suffering and when you're expected to be stoic and in control at all times. Which means it can be a daily struggle to be and to understand a Cancer man.

Understanding a Cancer Man

Cancer is the most emotionally sensitive sign of the zodiac which means everything provokes an emotional response in a Cancer man. However, due to their boyhood conditioning, many Cancer men find themselves living in a world where they are discouraged continuously from feeling the way they do. Most of the time they don't want to be feeling what they're feeling, so they conceal their feelings and sometimes seem hard, crabby, sarcastic or distant, but this is just an outward persona that hides a gentle, kind and affectionate man.

Characteristics for Astrology Cancer Man

Cancer men, ruled by the ever-changing Moon are the moodiest guys of the zodiac. Their personalities can change from minute to minute and they are capable of emotions that run the gamut. Cancer men often seem like walking contradictions that are confusing to family and friends.


A Cancer man is courteous and the epitome of old-school manners. He's a patriotic, family-values guy who is shy and has an innate distrust of others.

Kind and Nurturing

Cancer men are tenderhearted. They love animals, have plutonic love for their friends, want to nurture and protect those they love and seem to value home life above all else. But they can also be clingy, controlling, and self-absorbed.

Loyal and Dependable

If you are looking for a loyal, true blue friend or mate that will be part of your life for many years, a Cancer man is your guy. Family and friends can count on a Cancer man to lend a helping hand and be there for them whenever they need him. However, a Cancer man can also be moody, brooding, and distant.

Supportive and Sentimental

You can rely on a Cancer man to open-mindedly listen to you, boost your confidence and even give you fantastic advice. They'll never forget your birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion. Cancer men store memories and hang onto them. Sadly, they'll also never forget or forgive you if you hurt them.

How to Make a Cancer Man Happy

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A Cancer man is a homebody. He's a caring and supportive individual who surrounds himself with family and close friends and wants those around him to be happy. It's critically important to a Cancer man's happiness that he's in a comfortable, non-combative, loving, supportive and safe environment. If you want to make a Cancer man happy be tender, reassuring and create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, appreciate him, and give him plenty of hugs, kisses, and attention.

Cancer Man in Love

A Cancer man is not quick to fall in love, but when he finds "The One" and feels secure he's a traditional romantic who'll shower his partner with gifts, wine and dine them and try to make their every wish come true. He's a cuddly type of guy who gives a lot of physical affection both publicly and in private. He'll tell you he loves you, introduce you to his family and friends, invite you to his place, and show you in every way that he's deeply committed. A Cancer man in love has marriage on his mind and is the epitome of a 21st Century family man.

Sun Sign Compatibilities

Cancers pair well with the following signs:

Cancer Men and Money

As with everything else in their life a Cancer man is cautious with their money. Being financially secure is important to them. They're thrifty, shrewd, and think long-term when it comes to money. They are not impulsive spenders and rarely spend money unwisely.

Great Job Matches for Cancer Men

Cancer men are a brilliant mix of intuition, inspiration, and dedication to the things they love and are often drawn to careers in creative fields such as writing, music, art, and cooking. But they also realize the need for money in order to be secure in their own lives and to take care of those around them and this need for a financially secure life often fuels a desire to succeed in business.

Career suggestions:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Counselor
  • Chef
  • Doctor
  • Veterinarian

Different Flavors of Cancer Men

What do Conor McGregor (Mixed Martial Artist), Robin Williams (Comedian and Actor), Anthony Bourdain (Chef, Author, and TV Personality), Nelson Mandela (Anti-Apartheid Activist), and Richard Branson (Entrepreneur) have in common? They are all Cancer men. Although Sun sign interpretations can be fun and entertaining and every Cancer man will express the above traits to a greater or lesser degree. As you can see by the Cancer men mentioned, a Cancer man is much more than their Sun sign. Interpreting a Sun sign is no substitute for a complete analysis of a natal chart by a professional astrologer.

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Cancer Man Traits and Personality