Famous Aries Personalities, Basic Traits, and Myths

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Famous Aries Jennifer Garner.
Famous Aries Jennifer Garner.

Aries personalities are famous for their personal drive and magnetism.

About Aries Personalities

Before we can discuss some of the more famous Aries personalities, it would help to have a working understanding of Aries' basic characteristics.

Aries are:

  • Warm hearted
  • Concerned about appearances in the social and personal sense
  • Committed to what they believe in
  • Courageous
  • Born leaders
  • A bit headstrong

Now let's take a closer look at two prevalent Aries myths.

Aries Myths

  • The first Aries myth is that their favorite color is red.
  • The second is that they have a tendency to walk with their heads bowed slightly forward in front of their bodies. Like most myths, both have a grain of truth to them.

The penchant for the color red is easy to see. After all, your ruler Mars' nickname is the Red Planet! In fact, the Aries association with Mars usually lends an overall "ruddiness" to the Arian complexion. Aries natives tend to become flushed when angry, upset or embarrassed.

With an Aries sun sign, there is also a tendency towards head injuries and fevers. This can also be true if you are not an Aries, but have a preponderance of Aries signs in your natal chart, or in your sixth house (the house of health and service).

All of this fiery energy lends itself to the direct, bold and frank Aries personality. When you want to know the unabashed truth, turn to an Aries sun sign!

Famous Aries

With their natural leadership ability and personal charm, the list of famous Aries personalities is quite long. Below are a noted few.

Aries Gloria Steinem

Born March 25th, 1934, Gloria Steinem is an American original. Outspoken, witty and sharp, her now legendary 1962 piece in Esquire magazine gave voice to the constant female dilemma: have a career or raise a family? This preceded "The Feminine Mystique'' by one year.

Controversial to boot, Ms. Steinem has taken flack from both "radical" feminists and those who are completely against the movement. In 2000, she sent tongues wagging again when she married David Bale (he died three years later). Through it all, she has remained true to her pioneering Aries personality.

Aries Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando, born April 3rd, 1924, is widely recognized as one of the most influential actors of all time. His movies A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront brilliantly illuminate the Aries conflict between the need to show a tough exterior while concealing their own inner tenderness. Outside of his film work, he also was an activist for the civil rights movement and the American Indian Movement. Marlon Brando died July 1st, 2004.

Aries Frank Serpico

A theme is emerging among our Aries personalities, and it's one of knowing when to take a stand and when to lead. Perhaps no Aries to date exemplifies these qualities more than Frank Serpico. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York on April 14th, 1936, Frank Serpico wasn't looking for fame when he became a New York City police officer.

During the early 1970s, the NYPD was known for its rampant corruption, something Serpico refused to have any part in. He was shot, under suspicious circumstances, during a drug bust on February 3rd, 1971. Not just shot in fact, but shot in the face (head trauma is usually indicative of an Aries sun sign).

The bullet penetrated his cheek, just below the eye, until finally coming to rest at the top of his jaw. Saved by an elderly Hispanic gentleman who happen to live in the apartment adjacent to the one being used by the suspects, Frank Serpico went on to expose the corruption within the force.

In 1971, he was hailed a hero, given a gold shield by the police department and promoted to detective. The award-winning film Serpico, starring Al Pacino, is based on these real life events.

Aries Mariah Carey

Admittedly, songbird Mariah Carey did not have it easy. Born in New York City on March 27th, 1970 to a multiethnic family (mom is of Irish decent, dad is African American and Venezuelan), Mariah endured racial slurs, hostility and sometimes even violence. This in turn forced the family to relocate numerous times, before her parents finally divorced when she was three.

Mariah, however, in true Aries fashion, was and is, resilient! She had a gift, and in 1990 the whole world would get a chance to hear it. Throughout her tumultuous life and through the good and ill of stardom, people the world over know that when Mariah Carey stands up to sing, we're all about to hear something pretty special.

Putting It All Together

Whether you have an Aries sun, or are another sign with numerous planets in Aries, take inspiration from these famous Aries personalities. Note that none of them had an easy time of it, but because they were true to themselves, their voice and their ethics, they were able to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. If they can do it, you can as well!

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Famous Aries Personalities, Basic Traits, and Myths