Aries Cancer Lovers

Aries and Cancer relationships can be complex.
Aries and Cancer relationships can be complex.

Aries Cancer lovers face challenges to turning their affair into a permanent relationship. In fact, this pairing can be quite stormy, so proceed with caution.

How Aries Cancer Lovers View Each Other

The personality traits of Aries and Cancer are not generally conducive to a long lasting romantic relationship. Sparks will certainly fly during the courtship stage, but the flames are bound to consume the partnership like a house on fire. Let's examine why.

Aries' View of Cancer

At first meeting, Cancer personalities give the impression of being quietly self-confident. Crabs are good at presenting this image; it's the shell that protects their considerably soft underbellies. This outward appearance gives Aries the impression they've found a solid partner who will allow them to take the lead in full trust and cooperation, only to later realize there's an ultra-sensitive core at the heart of the Cancerian personality.

Cancer's View of Aries

Aries typically come off as extroverts, secure in the knowledge of their own considerable talents and strengths. This solid core attracts the Cancer personality like a moth to a flame. In a vague way, Cancerians seek to fortify themselves through such strong partners. Unfortunately, Aries' fire is often too hot to handle, and will burn away Cancer's confidence, leaving the relationship shadowed by doubts. As most Cancers know all too well, doubts are not the foundation for the security they crave.

Real World Challenges

Aries' natural tendency to pursue what they want makes it easier for typically cautious Cancers to get swept up in a romance before they've had a chance to really consider the situation. It can be extremely flattering to find Aries' bold attentions focused on you. However, a relationship that begins with such excitement can quickly falter as this couple gets to know each other better. Here is where the cracks begin to appear.

Penetrating to Aries Heart

It's not that Aries don't have deep seated emotions, they simply don't allow themselves to be completely ruled by them. Aries often live in the moment, charging off wherever life leads them and enjoying things for however long they last. It can be difficult for their Cancer lovers to see the inner Aries, and this can lead to an emotional disconnect that eventually cools passions.

Nurturing Cancer's Psyche

In the long run, it's going to be difficult for Aries to avoid trampling Cancer's feelings. Rams prefer to push on when they sense the need, and this can lead to a diplomatic crisis for this romantic pairing. Cancers need to know Aries appreciates their thoughts and feelings, that they are in fact important to Aries. Aries may find it difficult to live with Cancer's need for emotional security, and eventually drive this sensitive lover into the arms of someone more sympathetic. The experience can be quite draining for both partners.

Mismatched Sexual Energies

When it comes to sensual romance, Aries Cancer lovers are like night and day. Aries is all about explosive passion, and this sign approaches sexual relationships with gusto. On the other hand, Cancer feels sexual love is an opportunity to express deeper emotions, a chance to exchange tender expressions of love. Cancer wants to be wrapped in a warm cocoon of love, while Aries' mindset is really more about enjoying physical pleasures together, even when the heart is engaged.

Relationship Prognosis

The prognosis for Aries Cancer lovers is not an especially good one. These signs really operate on different emotional levels, Aries more near the surface, Cancer significantly deeper. Can the pairing work? Not without a great deal of effort on both partners' part to understand where each are coming from, and a dedicated effort to supply the other person's needs. In the long run, both signs are likely to find compatibility less of an effort with other members of the zodiac.

Aries Cancer Lovers