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Aquarius Symbols and Their Meanings

About Aquarius Symbols

There are numerous Aquarius symbols that represent this eleventh sign of the zodiac. Each symbol combines a powerful aesthetic representation of a particular characteristic that is typical among Aquarians.

Aquarians are friendly and people focused. In fact, many Aquarians focus on human rights as a key personal belief. This sign will take care of those that he or she calls family or friend. An Aquarius would never leave someone without at least trying to help them.

There are three main Aquarius symbols: the water bearer, two curved lines (known as a glyph) and water itself.

Constellation Aquarius

Some Aquarian symbolism is based on the sign's constellation.

The position of the stars at the time of the birth of an Aquarius says much about his or her personality.

One of the factors that best defines Aquarians is their passion for being inventive. Trendsetters, Aquarians usually like to set the bar instead of striving for it when it comes to a show of personality. They prefer the original to the syndicated. They are also one of the most intellectual signs. If you are up for a good debate or conversation, find an Aquarius who will debate you all night long.

The Aquarian Glyph and Symbolism

A popular symbol for the sign of Aquarius are two parallel lines that that zig-zag, known as a glyph.

The lines themselves are meant to represent water. In some of the more elaborate representations of the Water Bearer, the water that flows from his jug is portrayed in a fashion similar to the glyph that defines the sign. The lines can also be seen as moving water in the ocean.

Another interpretation of the sign is that the symbol looks similar to representations of air. As an Air sign, this method of interpretation highlights intellectual Aquarians and their connection to Libra and Gemini as other Air signs.

The Water Bearer

The best known representation of the sign of Aquarius is the Water Bearer. The symbol entails a man (sometimes a woman) holding a jug of water.

In many representations, he is bent over and spilling the water. The symbol is symbolic of Aquarian's passion for humanity.

The water itself is the 'life' that Aquarius brings to other signs. The spilling of the water is a symbol of Aquarius' dedicated to helping others improve their lives.

Another interpretation of the sign is that Aquarians carry the weight of humanity in their hands, and it is their job to support all as best as possible.

Female Water Bearer

Aquarius has a masculine energy, so it can be difficult to find more 'feminine' representations.

One Aquarius symbol that is occasionally drawn in the form of a woman instead of a man is the Water Bearer.

The Water Jug

The water jug that the Water Bearer holds carries both metaphoric and physical weight.

Both the weight of the jug and the water inside symbolizes Aquarius. The weight is meant to show the sign's dedication to humanity and others.

The water is meant to show a dedication to humanity. Water is essential for every human being's surviveal; the symbol of water portrays the help that Aquarius provides to others.

Final Thoughts

Each of the 12 zodiac signs carries several symbols associated with their characteristics.

The symbol of the Water Bearer, the glyph and water portray Aquarius as a unifying life force that is necessary.

It shows the sign as individualistic, passionate and caring. Aquarius symbols show an aesthetic representation of what defines the sign itself.

You can also learn about Sagittarius Symbols to get a better idea about symbolism related to other astrological signs.

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Aquarius Symbols and Their Meanings