Palm Reading Marriage Lines

Ann Roberts
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Palm reading marriage lines are said to reveal the many details of an individual's romantic life. The shape and quantity of certain lines specific to a location on your palm have long been believed by some to indicate everything from the number of marriages a person may enter to the amount of children born from said marriages. This may seem like a strange leap of faith for some, but palm reading has been around for centuries, acting as a key element of spirituality within many ancient cultures. Even the early Greeks were known to dabble in a little "chiromancy" (a highly technical term for palmistry). So, since society has borrowed heavily from the fundamentals of Grecian logic and mathematics, why not explore various elements of their spirituality as well?

Finding Your Palm Reading Marriage Lines

Take a look at the palms of your left and right hand. You may notice some small lines striping the area below the base of your pinky finger. If you don't notice any lines then, theoretically, you have no marital future. Let's hope your lifeline is more promising. However, most people will have lines; some individuals will have many. Where palmistry is concerned, the fate of your love life lies in both the quantity and visibility of these lines.

The best way to get an idea of exactly where your palm reading marriage lines lie is by consulting a diagram or demonstration. The Orderly Fashi is one of many websites offering a detailed description of the many lines and palm features that influence your marital life. You can see right off the bat that these tiny lines are said to answer more than just the question of, "Will I ever marry?"

Your marital lines are said to indicate the amount of children born into each marriage and even the affairs you may have during these marriages. Remember that faint lines only indicate prominent romances, but the darker more descript lines indicate actual marriage. More importantly, depending on whether or not your marriage line or lines are intercepted, you can predict everything from divorce to early spousal death.

You can also check out this aptly-diagramed marriage line reading tutorial over at to learn further details regarding the significance and mystery of these lines.

Seeing Things in the Best of Light

If you have recently developed an interest in palmistry and are looking to explore an area as significant as your romantic life, it is highly important for you to practice your new hobby in a well lit area. Dim light may not reveal the true nature of your palm lines. You'll want to use as harsh a light as possible. In truth, the sort of lighting that will illuminate every flaw or wrinkle upon your face will also act as the best light with which to read your palm.

Harsh fluorescent lighting, such as the kind you'll find in a work office, will often do the trick. Just think of it this way: the worse you look, the clearer your future will become.

Seeking a Second Opinion

Most people find it informative, if not at least amusing, to explore the art of palmistry. However, individuals seeking a clear interpretation of their future may want to put down the beginner's guides and consult a professional. In theory, professional palm readers should be aware of the many fine interpretive nuances within this craft. The number of lines on your palm may be objective, but the interpretation thereof is often subjective. So if one professional palm reader gives you a prediction you don't like, feel free to seek a second opinion. After all, most people recently diagnosed with a degenerative disease will consult a second doctor to ensure that their diagnosis and treatment plan are up to par.

This is your love life! If one palm reader relays the awful truth that you will be married only to endure a brief romance followed by your spouse's numerous torrid affairs that will all occur while you remain barren and unhappy, it would then not be the worst plan to consult the palm reader down the street. If a second consultation unveils a future of abundant children over the course of six marriages, further opinions still may also be necessary.

The Role of Your Heart Line

Your heart line is somewhat tied to the fate of your marriage lines. If you have multiple marriage lines that are all broken in places, thus indicating several marriages that end badly, you will want to consult your heart line to discern which elements of your character are affecting your love life.

Palm Reading Marriage Lines