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Jacqueline Dautaj
Zodiac Athena's Sunsigns

Athena Starwoman was an influential, if not controversial figure in astrology. Through her Athena horoscopes and books, she remains one of the most notorious astrologers in recent memory.

Athena: The Starwoman

While her real name has never been revealed, we do know that Athena was born in Melbourne, Australia on July 17, 1945. Many within the astrological community recognize that she came from a long line of mystics, and also studied with several spiritual teachers; chief among them a Native American shaman.

Her Athena horoscopes became well known from their publication in world-read magazines like Vogue, Star, Elegance, Woman's Day and Woman's Weekly.

Athena:The Interview

One of Athena Starwoman's last interviews was given to George Negus on August 10, 2003. Throughout the interview and through her answers to Mr. Negus, we can see some of her life philosophy. It's clear that Athena Starwoman believed in a connection to the divine, to the universe and to the universe's flow.

We must remember that it was not always the way it is today. Now we can turn Larry King or Oprah on and see inspirational speakers like John Demartini (Athena Starwoman's husband) and his cohorts discussing topics like the universal connection, magnetism and the like. In the 1980s, however, when "greed was good", this certainly was not the case!

During the interview, Athena talks about the fact that she looks for signs everywhere. She could be walking down the street and she'll ask herself where's the message? This is something I'm sure many of us can relate to.

Athena Horoscopes: Her Books

Athena Starwoman wrote many books, most of them about astrology. Here's a closer at some of those books:

Zodiac Athena's Sunsigns

Zodiac Athena's Sunsigns is your basic astrology book and it's really geared towards beginners, so if you are much more advanced in your astrological studies, you may want to look elsewhere.

For beginners, however, this book is a good start. Since the sun sign of one's chart is the identity, or the blueprint of your personality, it's good to know each sign thoroughly. This book will do that for you, and give you the basis on which you can build further knowledge.

How to Turn Your Boyfriend into a Toad...

How to Turn Your Boyfriend into a Toad and Other Stories: For Love, Wealth, Beauty and Revenge, as the whimsical title suggests, is a book of spells that Athena co-wrote with Deborah Gray. While it's always fun to read about spells, remember the laws of the universe, especially the law of karma, before casting!

Soulmates and the Zodiac

Soulmates and the Zodiac is all about recognizing your true soulmate, a concept Athena describes as the complimentary half of your unique soul. The book goes on to discuss how each sign of the zodiac thinks romantically and reveals, through her eyes, how to connect with your soulmate. This is a fun read for only about $11.00 a pop.


Glamazon: How to be Fabulous, Famous and Flawless is a fun book that's designed to help women discover their inner allure, use it to have a full life, and then reach their full potential. This is a good read. You can purchase this book for about $13.00. The book goes on to discuss a modern girl's winning lifestyle, her path to glamour and teaches her how to flourish in a self-made world of opportunity.

Athena's Legacy

Whether you believe in astrology or scoff at it, you have to admit that Athena horoscopes did much to raise the collective consciousness of the world community. She was an integral part of the first wave of this "new" way of thinking.

Although still much maligned in certain circles, more and more people are starting to recognize the scientific principles behind these universal laws. In the end, we recognize that Athena Starwoman, through the books she wrote and the philosophy she preached, helped to usher in this new era of raised awareness.

Athena Starwoman succumbed to breast cancer on December 16, 2004. Her husband, Dr. John Demartini manages her affairs and continues to publish some of her works.

Athena Horoscopes